Vegalab US Boosts Concentration of Spider Mite Control by 5x with Improved Formulation

MINDEN, NV – Today, HPC Acquisitions Inc. (OTCQB: HPCQ) DBA Vegalab US (“Vegalab US”) launched the improved formulation of its Spider Mite Control. Spider Mite Control is a biological pesticide that targets spider mites, pests known to feed on several hundred species of plants.  These pests cause mottled leaves and often destroy the entire plant at a rapid speed.

Spider Mite Control is highly effective by attacking spider mites in two different ways. It blocks the breathing holes of spider mites, causing them to die from suffocation. It also causes reproductive disruption among female spider mites; this leads to infertility, eggs that do not hatch, or mites that do not develop to an adult stage.

 The improved formulation calls for a dilution rate of 1:500-1:1000 (depending on level of infestation), while the old formulation recommended a dilution rate of 1:100. With 5x the original concentration, the improved Spider Mite Control drastically lowers the amount of product needed, and therefore cost, per application. As with the original formula, zero pesticide residue is left on the plants.

The improved Spider Mite Control formulation and its benefits were made possible by using proprietary nanotechnology and advanced adjuvants. The product is a liquid formulation that is applied as a foliar spray to plants. It is EPA-approved under FIFRA Section 25(b) as a minimum risk pesticide.  

About Vegalab US

Vegalab US is committed to sustainable agriculture through technological innovation.  Our range of biological pesticides, fertilizers, and specialty biological agents are effective as well as safe to non-target organisms and the environment. The active ingredients in our solutions consist primarily of oil extracts from different plant sources. We believe in applying innovative technology to powerful natural agents to create products for a healthier world.

HPC Acquisitions Inc (HPCQ), DBA Vegalab US, Completes Initial Capital Raise and Starts Sales

PALM BEACH, FLORIDA – HPC Acquisitions Inc. (HPCQ) DBA Vegalab US (“Vegalab US”), has today announced the completion of its first round private placement of 1,000,000 shares of its common stock at $0.50 per share, as well as its initial sales results from the distribution of all-natural, sustainable agricultural products.

In April 2016, the first month of marketing, Vegalab US achieved over $450,000 of sales and believes that orders will continue to increase steadily.

“The scale of success you see from our first month of marketing supports our strong belief that there is a significant appetite in the United States for all-natural products that make a positive difference, without depleting the earth’s resources. Our initial sales combined with the scope of application for our range of products gives us confidence to seek additional capital in the near term to fund the growth opportunity,” said David Selakovic, the CEO of HPCQ/Vegalab US.

Vegalab US has already begun marketing its products in Latin America, where the marketplace is perhaps even more convinced of the need for environmentally responsible agricultural products rooted in sustainability. The first orders are expected in the second quarter of 2016 from Costa Rica and Panama.

To facilitate development of the opportunities in the US and Latin America, Vegalab US is now looking for new distribution partners in those markets.

About Vegalab US

Vegalab US is a distributor of natural fertilizers, pesticides, and specialty biological agents for use in agriculture. The active ingredients consist primarily of oil extracts from different plant sources. Vegalab US holds exclusive distribution rights in the Western Hemisphere to a product line of natural agricultural products distributed globally by Vegalab SA.

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